What Is The Right Music To Start Learning Age

Music has always been the connect of Mind and Soul. Music has the power to change the moods at all times and thats makes it a powerful tool of expression. There are many people who like to like the life with music. Music also helps to rejuvenate yourself, recharge your energies and also break through the day long stress.

Learning Music is fun and so much it is as a devotion. It requires a lot of patience. There is no Age to learning music and getting trained. Its only the direction and dedication that matters. Most of the Institutes start the learning process from the age of 5. It is no harm that a child should start learning or getting trained since the time he starts his speech. Thus, the earlier the better. And why do we say it is better? Learning Vocal Music Singing at an early age when the vocal chords are being developed, Singing helps the chords to develop accordingly. Hence the voice happens to be smooth and melodious. This can happen later also but by that time the voice per say is developed and now it can be polished. But at young times it can be developed in a way that the child becomes a singer and voice quality is very soothing.Louvores 2020

If you try and pick up examples from our beloved singers and a sneak look at their childhoods, you will come to know that most of them started early. One such example is the King of Music “Micheal Jackson”. Micheal Jackson started to perform on stage when he was 5 years old. He learnt music from his father and was trained by his brothers and his first stage performance was with the Band “Jackson 5” which consisted of his siblings. We all know what Micheal Jackson achieved for starting Early in his life.

Similar example in India is our very own Sonu Nigam. Sonu Nigam is a trained Classical singer trained from his father in Indian classical singing music and had started early in his life. Sonu started learning at the age of 2 years and performing at the age of 4 years. Today he is one of the finest singers in India. Similarly, Shreya Ghoshal also started learning vocal classical singing music early in her life and is such talented female singer today.

At Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy’s Swar Kala Sangam, we start early with each child. You can enroll your child for the best vocal singing classes in Gurgaon and training as early as 3 years. Your initial days will be full of challenges but that’s the patience you and us have to keep to train the child from early days and put him or her in the right direction and by the time they grow up, they are already trained to perform. At Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy’s Swar Kala Sangam, we have one of the best faculty’s to provide the vocal classical music training to your child. It is known that to be the best it is not just your dream but the dream of your parents also which can get you to those heights.


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